Thomas Brinkman

Sen. Donnely Veterans Bill

The U.S. Senate is scheduled to begin debate in Washington later this week on a bill that would provide veterans additional health and retirement benefits.

It’s being considered one of the most comprehensive veterans’ bills in recent history and Indiana Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly is urging his fellow lawmakers to support it.

“We are going to try and make sure that we serve in this bill those that have served us”, Donnelly says.

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Masters Student and Marine Corps Veteran
Currently working towards completing a masters in Global Journalism and Mass Communications at Indiana University with anticipated graduation in August 2014.

Studied at universities in Spain, Germany and the United States while completing bachelors degree and commercial pilots license including multi-engine, instrument, and high performance ratings at Purdue University.

Prior fire direction controller for 81mm mortar section and combat tactics instructor within the Marine Corps Infantry.